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About WTeam

Good afternoon! Let me answer a few questions that interest you Why, How, What kind of site is this


We want you to always know where your friends, acquaintances, family, colleagues are and getting this data was very simple.


You will be aware of where your employees are currently located, for example transport, and you will not pay a cent. Or, for example, your group went out into the countryside and plays airsoft, then you can know exactly where your team is. All you need to be aware is to send your bot link to your friends, colleagues or relatives.


You suggest adding a bot in any messenger (so far only telegram is supported), no other programs need to be installed.

Our Services

Many commands in one place

Add Team

Register on site then create a team on the site.

Add Members

Send a connection link to your colleagues, family or friends.

Display Member Location

Watch on the map where people are.

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